Canadian Association of Child Life Leaders (CACLL) - Association Canadienne des Responsables de Services Éducatifs en Mileu Pédiatrique (ACRSEMP) Canadian Association of Child Life Leaders (CACLL) - Association Canadienne des Responsables de Services Éducatifs en Mileu Pédiatrique (ACRSEMP)
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Why Become a Certified Specialist (CCLS)?

CACLL endorses the ACLP certification process.

“Child life certification fosters uniform and improved standards of practice and ethical conduct while it enhances the status and credibility of the profession. It validates professional knowledge and provides a sense of professional pride and achievement. In addition, child life certification provides a mechanism to protect the general public from untrained individuals entering a therapeutic relationship with children and families."1

Child Life Professional Certification2

Through the Child Life Professional Certification Examination, individuals may pursue achieving the CCLS – a professional designation for child life specialists. The requirements for certification are based on academic and internship experience and successful completion of an examination process.

Established in 1986, the CCLS credential was developed to increase the proficiency of child life professionals by identifying a body of knowledge; establishing a level of knowledge and performance necessary for certification; and increasing the value of practitioners to their employers.

The Child Life Certifying Committee (CLCC) governs the program and includes representatives from various child life settings. The CLCC seeks to represent the diversity that exists within the profession and serve as a voice for stakeholders who have an interest in maintaining high standards in child life.

The Value of the Certification Credential in Child Life Services
CLCC Code of Professional Practice

For questions regarding the certification process, please refer to the Association of Child Life Professionals website or contact [email protected].

Child life Internships may be available for students currently attending accredited educational institutions who hold affiliated agreements with corresponding health care centres. CLICK HERE to see a list of Health Centres in Canada who offer child life internships to eligible applicants (PDF).

1 Child Life Certification Manual
2 Association of Child Life Professionals web site